Thursday, December 6, 2012

Plotting strokelitude wing tracking data on fmf frames

I have been working on a Python script to save movies in which strokelitude wingstroke tracking data are plotted on original frames from an .fmf movie. My current version is below.

Load strokelitude data from .bag file into Python

Here is a script I've been using to load the strokelitude data contained in a .bag file. It should be easy to convert it to load data from other ros topics.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Using Github for Windows

I have started using the Github Windows GUI for using git on Windows, and so far I am very impressed. Github has made it very easy to download (clone) an entire directory tree of code files to a new computer, something I have to do more often that I would like. Git is an incredibly powerful tool for version control, and I really do not scratch the surface of its functionality. An important thing to remember for a novice user is that it is best to make sure you are working with the newest version of the repository before you start making edits on any given computer. Otherwise merging the edits from different computers (or users) can be hard. This can be accomplished by opening the github GUI before editing any files and clicking 'sync.'

Note: If, when setting up your repository, you accidentally included files that you did not want to have git follow, you can use this command:
git rm --cached <filename> 
by going to tools>open a shell here in the github GUI. You may also have to include a new line in your .gitignore file...

When you inevitably (in my experience) get an error message along the lines of "failed to sync this branch" with options to "open shell to debug" or "cancel," choose the former, and typing
git push
git pull 
depending on if you are trying to upload (push) or download (pull) changes from will sometimes work.