Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New paper out!

The 'integrator paper' is out in PNAS. I made a video and put it up on the lab website. There was also a nice write-up in the 'In this issue' section, complete with a photo I took (no photo credit, though).

Where should we meet for drinks?

It always happens. An enthusiastic email gets sent, usually on a Monday: Who wants to go to a baseball game/bar/restaurant/bike ride? Everyone says yes. Then the follow-up: What day/place, etc. And all of a sudden no one is checking their email. Do you just tyrannically decide for the group, and then hope people don't bail, leaving you with the bill? Wait a little longer to see if more people will respond? Now you don't have to worry. With your iPhone and the snazzy new voteup app you can quickly, and more importantly, EASILY survey your friends' opinions on a topic. My friend Chris made it, and it is free to download and use. I really recommend it. Check it out: http://voteupapp.com/