Monday, July 23, 2012

Changing Submitted to Defended date in CIT thesis title page

To change the line on the cover page from, say, "(Submitted June 26, 2012)" to "(Defended June 1, 2012)" one needs to follow these steps:
Go to Document>Settings...
Under Document Class section, add the word "defended" to the line for Custom Class options.
At the beginning of the document (I put it right between Copy Year and TechReport #) insert a Date section (using dropdown menu in top left of toolbar) that contains the string you want to appear after "Defended" on the title page.

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Marie Suver said...

Before this step, to get the template to replace the "DRAFT NOT FOR..." line with "(Submitted Month Day, Year)" text, you must first go to Document->Settings->Document Class and delete "draftfoot" from the Class options "Custom" text box. Leaving this space blank will produce the "(Submitted...)" statement, or follow the above instructions to produce the "(Defended...)" text!