Thursday, August 23, 2012

Setting up Simple Step

These are my notes on setting up Simple Step, a program by Will Dickson for controlling stepper motors.

Using synaptic, install gcc-avr, avr-libc, and dfu-programmer.

cd src
mkdir MyUSB
cd MyUSB

Download MyUSB v 1.4.1 from and extract it to MyUSB

make all

cd ~/src
hg clone
cd simple_step/firmware
gedit Makefile

Change line 24 to MYUSB_SRC_DIR = /home/<username>/src/MyUSB/MyUSB
Exit gedit

cd src
gedit Makefile

Change line 53 to MYUSB_SRC_DIR = /home/<username>/src/MyUSB/MyUSB

cd ..
cd ~/src/simple_step/firmware

Press the 'RST' and 'HWB' buttons on the atmel simultaneously, then release the 'RST' button, then the 'HWB' button.

sudo make program

cd ~/src/simple_step/firmware
sudo cp udev_rules/99-simple_step.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
sudo addgroup simple-step
sudo usermod -a -G simple-step <username>

Install pylibusb

cd simple_step/api/python
sudo python install

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